“But what Nisenson does so brilliantly is pull the rug out from under us—one minute making us roar with laughter, in the next breath performing a song that will break your heart… She can swing from traditional cabaret to jazz to opera to pop and rock songs in a breath, while giving a comedy performance that is brilliantly awkward and funny.  This show [Daja Vu] was not at all what I was expecting—it was so much more.”





“As full of talent as she is of spaghetti, she recalls in vivid, sidesplitting detail her trip through Italy as a 21-year-old virgin who becomes a sought-after jazz singer… Nisenson is a natural storyteller, with an ear for impersonations and an eye for glamorous and gritty detail.”






“I saw this show [Piccola Cosi] twice… After that first time, I cried—not immediately, but in the street. I cried over risk, over sexuality, over danger as success and safety as failure, over being a woman and an artist. Isn’t that what theatre does at its best—cut you to the core?”






“Nisenson is an attractive young woman with talent, who has a promising future ahead of her.”



“Aja is quite an original.  She is beautiful.  She is funny.  She is innocent.  She is sexy.  She is feisty.  She is stoic.  And someone to keep your eye on. But she is also a great comic singer with a legit voice. Aja is someone that would probably flourish on a show like Saturday Night Live.  She has an instinctive humor, split second timing, great looks…”



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